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Correcting Your Credit Report
Easy Ways To Repair Your Credit Report Yourself For Free
Remove derogatory marks on your credit - Restore good credit - Raise your credit score

Good credit restoration is key to maximizing your financial opportunities in the future. At, you will find free credit repair tips and step-by-step advice on how to fix your credit score yourself.

How to fix your credit rating -- Follow this proven, free 'do-it-yourself' advice we've put together here at to clean up your credit reports and boost your credit score. The steps to fix your credit rating may not always seem easy. But the path to better credit is a simple path almost everyone can follow.

It doesn't matter if you are wanting to dispute a credit charge off or you are removing key derogatory marks from your credit that have been lurking there over 2 years, the process is still the same: Once a dispute is filed with the credit reporting bureau, it is the creditor's responsibility to respond to the credit bureau's inquiry into the disputed item.

Thus, if your disputed items are not answered by the creditor within a reasonable time (usually 30 days), federal law requires that those disputed items you have challenged must be deleted from the credit bureau's files. Once deleted, they will help to improve your overal credit score.

To start with, you can order a free copy of your credit report online once every year from each of the big three credit bureaus -- TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Once you have the most recent copies of your credit reports, take the time to carefully read all three credit reports thoroughly, paying close attention to detect and find all:

  • incorrect dates
  • inaccurate amounts due creditors
  • mistaken account numbers responsibility
  • misplaced explanatory comments

You should receive your updated report within 30-45 days. Pay careful attention to whether or not all of the corrections and deletions you requested are now reflected on the new report.

Advice on making credit score better -- If you find errors in your credit history, write to the credit bureau and dispute the entries. This site can help teach you about removing late payments from a credit report yourself. Use our example letters to remove things off your credit.

If you aren't satisfied with the final results, don't fret. You are within your rights to add a 100-word statement to your credit report indicating your side of the story. We offer you a free example of this type of credit dispute letter later in this article.

How To Correct Your Credit Report and Improve Your Credit Rating

You may be wondering: "What's the importance of my credit rating?" The answer, in short, is your credit rating is the sum of your past credit habits.

Your credit history is very important. How you've made and paid off your debts, how timely you've been making regular repayments, and types and even amounts of your debts, all affect your credit rating.

A bad credit rating can reduce your ability to borrow funds because the lender might not be sure that you'll pay back on time... or at all.

A bad credit rating can also raise the interest rate you are charged on future loans.

Finally, a bad credit rating has been known to be a factor in hiring decisions and what insurance companies charge for insurance premiums and whether or not you'll qualify for a new, low-interest rate credit card.

Getting a better credit rating takes attention to detail, follow-through, and a commitment to repay the money you borrow -- and ensure that the credit reporting agencies report the correct facts!

Here are the simple steps to cleaning up errors lurking in your credit reports, and thereby improving your ability to borrow money for investments, long-term beneficial purchases, college education, a new car or a new home, etc. This process is simple to execute and complete all on your own. Follow the advice for rebuilding credit scores by 60-90 points. This information regarding repairing and raising your credit score will help lead you step-by-step through these easy to learn procedures, and ultimately help you get better credit:

Step #1 -- Request credit report from each credit reporting agency in your area.

Step #2 -- Dispute all inaccurate entries in writing and mail to respective agencies.

Step #3 -- Review updated credit reports you'll receive in 60-90 days. Detect any items which were not removed into another letter (basically repeting Step #2 until erroneous entry has been removed.) Mail this letter 120 days from last updated report you receive.

Step #4 -- If all else fails, you can write a 100-word statement entry that explains your side of the story for entries you cannot get removed by any other means.

Working With Credit Reporting Bureau

Credit reporting agencies do not grant credit or approve loans. They merely compile the credit information forwarded on to them. They are not "out to get you," and certain federal laws have been put into place over the years to ensure that if errors have been made in your credit report, those same credit reporting agencies must promptly remove the erroneous information.

With these instructions you can take action yourself to begin to restore your credit yourself and help start the process of raising your FICO credit score.

Get our complete step-by-step credit repair instrucitons, including sample letters you can copy-and-paste to dispute errors you find in your credit reports. You get the addresses and phone numbers where you can write to fix your own credit yourself.

For more information, take the time to read: "How To Read & Understand Your Credit Report"

Have more questions about fixing your credit score? Find more answers here at: "Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Repair"

To read the PDF version of the full Fair Credit Reporting Act from the FTC's website, click here...

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How To Repair & Restore Your Credit Report By Yourself

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