Loan Deferment Resources

Researching Your Options

Getting your college student loan defered means getting all the facts on your options. One of the best ways to find these facts is to turn to reputable resources online.

Here’s our Top 5 places online to start looking for ways to postpone repayment of your loans. Each is an excellent treasure trove of excellent advice to start you on your search for student loan relief: — Options you can use to defer making student loan payments until your financial situation turns around. — Options for financially-challenged students who owe too much and earn too little from “Federal Student Aid Borrower Services.” — Rules for postponing repayment of student loans, direct from the source. — How to know if you actually qualify for student loan deferments or forebearance. — Volunteers who have outstanding debts under one of the federally administered or guaranteed student loan programs qualify for certain relief during their Peace Corps service.

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