Real Life Loan Deferment Success Story

Steven Kent wrote how he grappled with, and finally subdued, his own student loan debt despair by taking action and taking the steps to get serious about paying off his student loans:

Here’s part of his story: “With less than 30 days left before the black hole of default hit on most of my student loans, I decided to pick up the phone one more time in June. I sat down with a list of phone numbers and started calling all of my student lenders. All of them, without exception, granted me a no-questions asked, over-the-phone forbearance, and even agreed to figure my income in such a way that I could claim an economic hardship deferment until I raised my income substantially.

He continues: “There’s an excellent chance this will buy me enough time to find a better-paying job and get my repayment plan on track, not to mention the option of loan consolidation to reduce my monthly payments.”

To sum up: he decided to take action, got busy calling lenders, and knew his rights to get student loan relief.

Read his whole story here….

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